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Release Poison

Thunbergia lauriflolia Linn is an herb that has been confirmed scientifically that. Theproperties are allergic rash, diarrhea, a toxic pesticide in animals.The toxicity of chemicals in the pesticide poisoning, alcohol poisoning, alcoholism, chemical poisoning. Toxins accumulate in the body, fever, heat, etc. (It is very famous now in Thailand)  It has made ​​a tea product. The tea bag in a very stylish package. The ready-made ​​herbal drinks. Properties to eliminate the toxic hangover symptomsrash. And reduce body heat.

Drinking on a regular basis every day. The fresh juice with water to bring the patient to eat, drink insecticide. Before heading to the hospital.  On the other hand, herbal Bill, which is already readily available in rural areas. Can be used to advantage. In particular, farmers who use chemical pesticides. Boiling it to make tea and drink a lot all day to release and destroy toxic chemicals and no residues in the body. The toxicity of pesticides can cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, trouble breathing.

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