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Bergamot Health Tea

Bergamot is a most comforting tea taken at night. It helps settle the digestion, eases muscular aches and joint pains and acts as a sedative that disperses fears and frights and helps to regulate the sleep pattern. 1 bergamot flower, calyx discarded 1 bergamot leaf 1 tea bag of your favourite tea 1 cup boiling […]

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Drink Energizer Almond Blossom

This is a quick pick-me-up at the end of a busy day, or  a lunch time energiser. Made with  full milk and almonds as well as the blossom. 1 glass milk 1-2 tablespoons roughly chopped almonds 1 peeled banana 1 dessertspoon honey 1 dessertspoon almond blossom petals removed from their calyxes Pour half the milk […]

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One for the hair

I have only one piece of advice on that one don’t do it! I tired it and just ended up with hair that looked like it hadn’t been properly washed for weeks. I would give the advice of the following and then wash your hair 1/2 small cucumbers 1 cub alfalfa sprouts 2 Brussels sprouts […]

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Bright Eyes

The eyes tell a great deal about someone’s health and when you see big bright eyes it’s usually a good sign that things are working well internally. However, as well as having bright eyes, it also help to be able to see out of them too! With that in mind, the following recipe has been designed to […]

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